In the TsODOD they commented on the idea of ​​resuming the movement along the Old Arbat

In the Center for Traffic Management of Moscow commented on the initiative of the main architect of the city Sergey Kuznetsov to resume traffic on the pedestrian Old Arbat. The department was asked to first ask the local residents.

"The opinion of the residents living in this street is important to us", the CCDD press service told RG. "Without considering their opinion, even discussing any changes is inappropriate."

Meanwhile, Sergei Kuznetsov is not the first time to offer such an initiative, remembered in his twitter urbanist Arkady Gershman. In December 2014, the chief architect also published this idea, which encouraged the need to return transport to one of the symbols of Moscow by the fact that Arbat loses a significant part of the public due to problems with the accessibility of transport and parking, allowing visitors to be taken away at local boutiques. Subsequently, the CCDA resisted the resumption of the motion, and explained that this was not necessary.

"Arbat Street is the understudy of Novy Arbat, but due to the absence of systematic congestion at Novy Arbat it is not necessary to make an understudy," the press service said.

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