Interview with Voronezh Oblast Governor 72.52% in elections after processing 100% protocols – politics

VORONEZH, 10 September. / TASS /. The acting governor of the Voronezh region, the candidate from the United Russia, Alexander Gusev, retained leadership in the election of the head of the region, he received 72.52% of the vote after processing 100% of the protocols, said the chairman of the election committee of the Sergey Kanishchev region on Monday.

"100% of the protocols were processed, the turnout was 44.83% Alexander Gusev scored 72.52% of the vote," – said Kanishchev.

According to him, the second place is taken by the candidate from the Communist Party Nikolay Voronin with 13.68%, the third – nominated by the LDPR Oleg Burtsev, who collected 6.25%. In fourth place are Igor Perevezentsev of the Party of Growth and the candidate of the party "Fair Russia" Vitaly Klimov – they both scored 2.22% each. In the last place the candidate from the "motherland" Arkady Minakov, he has 1.58%.

According to Vladimir Netesov, chairman of the Regional Duma of Voronezh, who heads the regional branch of the United Russia party, the high result of Alexander Gusev in the election of the governor "showed that the local government has the right course taken for a qualitative improvement of life in the Voronezh region and in the city of Voronezh, the political and economic world development, social stability. "" The program of our candidate was supported by the people of the Voronezh region, the elections were open honest, legitimate, without scandals, without complaints from opponents, and we have to justify this confidence of the inhabitants of the Voronezh region: to make our region comfortable, well-equipped and, most importantly, "Netesov said.

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