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The Commission of Inquiry has instituted a second criminal case in connection with striking prisoners in the Yaroslavl colony. Next Friday, August 24, the press department of the department.

The investigation began after the publication in the press on August 23 of a new video, on which FSIN officers have defeated the convicts.

"In examining the video recordings of the ill-treatments, the identities of two already persecuted FSIN employees were established and the lead investigation agency immediately instituted criminal proceedings against the misuse of official powers through the use of physical force and special resources," the report.

The criminal case was referred to the CSO for the most complete and objective investigation. It was merged into one procedure with a previously initiated criminal case about striking the prisoner Evgeny Makarov.

The lawyers of the Public Verdict Foundation published a new video from the Novaya Gazeta of defeating prisoners in Yaroslavl IK-1, probably in December 2016.

On the photo 's you can see how the employees of the colony of prisoners run through the corridor and at the same time hit them with their hands and clubs. "Gophers run!" – "They run bad!" – "We must get along," comment the prison guards. At the end of the video, prisoners go to the back room. One of the followers holds a wet sheet: such prison guards pounded his head to Yevgeny Makarov to silence the shouting.

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19:07July 23

Videography is performed on the camera of a mobile phone of one of the employees.

On July 20, a video of the torture of prisoner Makarov was published in the press. On the staff – 10 people in uniform for a long time and methodically beat the legs of a man lying on a table in the middle of the room, handcuffed, water his head with water from a bucket. The investigation committee initiated a case of abuse of office. 12 suspects were detained, 17 employees of the colony were suspended from work.

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