"Kalashnikov" showed a new AK-308 submachine gun for the NATO patron – army and defense industry

AK-308 automatic transmission

AK-308 automatic transmission

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MOSCOW, August 20. / TASS /. The Kalashnikov-concern presented a new machine gun AK-308, which uses ammunition from the NATO model, reports "Kalashnikov Media".

According to concerns, a new prototype "7.62 mm AK-308 Kalashnikov assault rifle" will be shown on the "Army-2018" forum. "The weapon is made on the basis of the AK103 submachine gun for the cartridge 7.62×51 mm with elements and components of the AK-12 automatic machine, and preparations are made for the preliminary testing of the weapons," notes the developer.

The shop capacity of the new machine is 20 rounds, the weight of the weapon with an empty magazine is 4.3 kg, the total length is 880-940 mm. AK-308 uses a dioptric view and a collapsible, adjustable length of the flask, it is possible to install a bayonet knife on the weapon.

The cartridge 7.62 x 51 mm is a standard rifle ammunition of the countries of the North Atlantic block.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2018" will be held in the "Patriot" park from 21 to 26 August.

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