Krasnodar region became one of the leaders on healthy lifestyle among the regions of Russia

On behalf of RIA Novosti, experts from the RIA Rating agency have drawn up an assessment of regions about the patient's adherence to a healthy lifestyle. The rating is based on eight indicators that characterize the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products, the prevalence of drug addiction, sport and working conditions. It was calculated according to the Federal State Statistics Service, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The leading group of the rating was expected to be representatives of the North Caucasus and the Krasnodar region, but in the positions there was a small rookade. According to the results of the last study, the Republic of Dagestan became the leader and pushed the Chechen Republic into second place. Kabardino-Balkaria retained the third line. The Krasnodar area improved its position and rose to fourth place. The first five of Ingushetia, who rose from the seventh place, closed.

The aforementioned region is characterized by a low consumption of tobacco products and alcohol products, a low number of employees at work with harmful and hazardous working conditions. Moreover, in four of the five leading regions, the share of sports and physical education (30%) is quite high.

The last places in the rating are occupied by the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Kamchatka area, the Magadan region, the Trans-Baikal region and the Amur region. Compared with last year, the composition of the laggards in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the region has not changed significantly. Khakassia, who was in the outsider five in the previous ranking, managed to improve their positions and climb a few lines higher.

In the past year, the proportion of the population systematically involved in physical culture and sport was 36.8%, which is 2.6 percentage points higher than a year earlier. Approximately 50 million people are involved in regular sports.

According to the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory and Tyva are the leaders in the part of the population that deals with physical culture and sport, with a figure of 47.9%, Dagestan (45.1%), Belgorod Region and the autonomous district Yamalo-Nenets (43.5%)), as well as Tatarstan (43.4%).

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