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In other countries, the level of the pension, taking into account the part financed, is 60-70% of the average salary, said the head of the court. Kudrin asked for the beginning to bring this parameter to 40%

Alexey Kudrin

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The head of the auditorium Alexei Kudrin, speaking at the hearings of the parliamentary public "Improvement of pension legislation" in the Duma, called for an increase in pensions of 25% or more in real terms. RBC examined the broadcast of the meeting on the website of the House of Representatives.

"I think it is necessary today to increase the task of raising pensions in real terms by at least a quarter and then by a third, while the replacement ratio (s) (the ratio of the average retirement height and the average salary). – RBC) in accordance with the standards of the International Labor Organization – up to 40%. And then I will say that 40% is of course not the ultimate goal. Taking into account the voluntarily funded component in all countries, the pension amounts to 60-70% of the profit upon retirement. We must also set this task, "Kudrin said.

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"We need to set a goal later, in the long run, that the pension should be 60-70% of the salary, and if we do not solve the issue of raising the retirement age today, we are going through these goals," she said. head of the Accounting Chamber.

According to the department's calculations, presented during the speech of his head, the replacement rate in the implementation of government proposals to increase the retirement age in 2024 will be 34%, and by 2035 – 35.6%.

"We approached the line today [повышать пенсионной возраст] must necessarily be done, "said Kudrin, noting that the reform had to be carried out 10 years ago.

The head of the Court of Audit noted that it is "fairer" to raise the retirement age than not to index pensions for working pensioners. "I believe that eventually after the transition period [пенсионной реформы] It is necessary to come back to the question of the indexation of pensions for employees [пенсионеров]", – said Kudrin, pleading for the retention of regional benefits to pensioners in the existing limits of retirement age (55 years for women and 60 years for men) The head of the joint venture proposed to consider the possibility of reduce the premium rate of insurance premiums to encourage employers not to dismiss older workers.

The decision to increase the retirement age was announced by the head of the Dmitry Medvedev government on 14 June. After the reform, the age of retirement for men will increase to 65 years, for women – up to 63 years, this increase will be implemented in stages, "said the prime minister.

The decision to implement the reform led to protests, and several initiative groups called on the CEC to hold a referendum on this subject. The central electoral commission has called on these groups to unite.

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