More than 120 people extinguish a fire in an apartment building in Korolev incidents

MOSCOW, August 26. / TASS /. More than 120 people are involved in putting out a fire in a seven-storey apartment complex in the Moscow region of Korolev. Tass was informed about this in the press service of the main directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Action for the Moscow region.

"In total, 122 people are involved in fire fighting and 33 devices," said the source.

The fire, putting out nine hours, was previously localized, but it was not yet possible to liquidate the open combustion.

In order to locate the fire, a helicopter called Ka-32 EMERCOM from Russia drew 10 discharges of water with a total mass of 50 tons. Now firefighters are involved in extinguishing, including couplings of gas and smoke protection services. The total area of ​​the fire at present is more than 300 square meters. meter. There are no victims.

In the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Moscow region clarified that the signal of a fire in a residential building in 2000 on Lenin Street in Korolev began at 6:26 am Moscow. He received a second, higher complexity number.

Firefighters took ten people out of the house, the others were evacuated independently. In total, more than 200 people live in the house. For them a temporary accommodation has been built in the nearby DC.



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