Most Russians supported the ban on smartphones at schools – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The idea to ban the use of telephones and other gadgets in schools was supported by the majority of Russians (73 percent).

According to VTsIOM, our compatriots are convinced that telephones and smartphones prevent students from studying. That is 83 percent. Most of our fellow citizens are also convinced that the introduction of such restrictions helps children to learn better (69 percent).

Interestingly, not only the parents of school children support the idea of ​​banning gadgets at school, but also those who do not have school-age children (74 percent). It should be noted that 17% of Russians have reacted skeptically to this proposal: they believe that such restrictions do not change anything.

"Nowadays, almost all Russians, from small to large," are in constant contact "because of the total spread of mobile phones," said Valery Fyodorov, Director General of the Center for All-Russia Center Public Research. "This phenomenon was generally seen as a blessing, a proof of a high social status and an additional security guarantee, and now that we are gaining experience of" living in a mobile network ", the negative aspects have also become visible … The initiative to Limiting the use of school phones Students in the classroom are supported by respondents of all ages and are not seen as a violation of our children's personal space, but as a way to increase their concentration in the educational process. "

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