Multimillional thefts unveiled in the Moscow metro: Crime: Force structures:

The Commission of Inquiry has instituted a criminal prosecution against fraud in a particularly large quantity and negligence after the occupation of the Moscow Metro. The company claims that it had stolen 35 million rubles while repairing at the Baumanskaya station. About this on Monday, September 10, "" reported the official representative of head of the capital of the SKR Yulia Ivanova.

According to preliminary information, the contractor, ZAO Triada-Holding, had to carry out work to make the pylon passages on the platform part of the station watertight, but the recovery was not actually carried out.

Moreover, information about the scope and types of work performed in the implementing documentation was unreliable.

"Due to unscrupulous actions by the contractor, the company suffered damage worth more than 35 million rubles," REN TV quoted the press service of the metro.

"Baumanskaya" was closed for major repairs and reconstruction from February to December 2015. The competition for waterproofing works was declared Metro in February 2017. The documents say that Triada-Holding has done everything necessary for 12 days.

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