Nagiyev told about shooting in bloody shorts: Kino: Culture:

Actor Dmitry Nagiyev told in a video interview published on YouTube video bomber Yuri Dudu that he recently suffered from a kidney stone. The artist could not cancel the shooting, because a hundred people were involved.

"I can not stop photographing because it is an item that has been bought for a lot of money, today and tomorrow," he said.

Nagiyev contacted a doctor who was unknown to him and who had emergency surgery. "The fact that I went to the shooting again in these bloody shorts on the second day, there are things that can not be canceled, and I'm a pretty disciplined artist here," he said.

The actor found it difficult to answer the question why he offered such sacrifices. "I do not have time to go shopping, I do not go to the theater so often, I am a person with a self-interest," he admitted, adding that perhaps it was all due to vanity.

The 51-year-old Nagiyev is a Russian actor, musician, TV presenter. He played in series like "Beware, modern", "Beware, Zadov!" And "Fizruk", as well as in the films "Purgatory" and "Executioner". In addition, the artist has held a talk show "Windows".

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