Passenger Boeing caught fire after his landing in Sochi


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MOSCOW, 1 September (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The Boeing 737 passenger aircraft of Utair airline flew on fire after landing in Sochi, evacuated 160 people, six people were injured and RIA Novosti told a representative of the emergency services in the region.

The airline is Red Wings. Archive photo
Head of Bashkiria rewarded the crew of the plane, who accidentally landed in Ufa

"On landing at the airport in Sochi, Boeing 737, who arrived from Moscow, rolled off the runway and caught fire," – said the interlocutor of the bureau. As they told Utair, the liner rolled into the bed of the river, the chassis and the side supports fell and the left engine caught fire.

In the regional section of the Ministry of Emergency Action it was clarified that information about the emergency was received at 02:59 local time (coincided with Moscow). Five devices were involved in extinguishing fire, at 03:25 the ignition could be located, and within an hour – to liquidate. The nose of the plane was damaged.

The emergency services representative also said that four of the six victims had been admitted to the hospital. The ministry of emergency services later clarified that they had turned to the doctors for help, but refused to be hospitalized.

This is the second such incident in the past ten days. In the morning of August 22, Tu-204 Airlines Red Wings, departed from Ufa to Sochi with 204 passengers on board, was forced to return to the airport of the capital of Bashkortostan because of the ignition of the left engine. None of the passengers were injured. The Rosaviatsia claimed that the fire in the engine of the aircraft occurred as a result of the destruction of the high-pressure compressor blades.

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