Peskov: Putin does not schedule meeting on the subject of seizure of super profits from mining companies – Economy and companies

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BERLIN, 19 August. / TASS /. The timetable of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin does not assume a meeting to discuss the idea of ​​an assistant of the head of state Andrei Belousov in seizing surplus profits from non-oil mining companies. This was announced by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

"No (such a meeting is in the plans), the president can not organize meetings on all matters that are in the work of the government," he explained.

"There is an expert point (about the possibility of withdrawing super profits), there is agreement between the president to solve the problem," recalled Peskov. According to him, when the problem is resolved, the position of the head of state will be formulated.

Earlier Belousov sent a letter to Putin, in which he estimated the possible seizure volume of metallurgical and chemical companies for an amount of more than 513 billion rubles. According to his proposal, these funds can be used to implement the provisions of the presidency of May, in particular on the development of the social sphere.

This idea will be discussed at the meeting of First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov, Belousov and representatives of the large company on 24 August. At the same time Siluanov's representative said that the government considers it inappropriate to raise the tax burden in connection with the receipt of additional profits by the company.



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