Playground in Omsk was equipped with barbed wire with wire: Society: Russia:

Children's playground in one of Omsk's houses was guarded by residents through a fence with barbed wire. Photos from the site of a private kindergarten, published in public "Omsk Live" in "VKontakte."

"Attraction" playground strict regime. "Get used to your youth," says the comment on the publication. Many users of the network are amused.

"This is the site of a private kindergarten in Zavertyaeva, located at a distance from the kindergarten itself.If this fence is not installed, nothing will be left for the night from the site," – explained in the comments under the photo of the site Julia Samuylenko.

Many commentators regard barbed wire as the only way to protect the site against vandals. "There are no messages, there are no overseers with toy vending machines, lanterns, dogs and bastards, so it protects the perimeter from vandals, pivnies and dogs." Children can be safe, "- wrote Sergei Kalinovsky. "And it seems to me that it is necessary that every alkashnya would not go there and that bulls with bottles would not be left behind", Yevgeny Kravtsov added.

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