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The State Security Inspectorate of Russia introduced the appearance of the new driving license for the first time. The helm icon, Kommersant reports, appears at the front of the certificate in the lower right corner.

For the first time since 2009, when the current regulations came into force, the Russian driving license will have a clue in a foreign language. The heading "driving license" is planned to be duplicated in French (permis de conduire) and English (driving license) languages.

Photo: Ivan Buranov / Kommersant

It should be noted that on the back of the new identity the QR code appears in the top left corner.

Earlier on August 23 the Ministry of Interior of Russia plans to issue around 35.6 billion rubles to equip the driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates (CTC) with microchips by 2024. Grant such rights and STS only in those units of the SAI, where there are "technical possibilities for the processing of such documents".

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