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Under a corresponding petition, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Andrei Makarevich and Lev Ponomarev

Liya Akhedzhakova

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The petition to stop the criminal case against the alleged participants in the New Greatness movement was signed by journalist Vladimir Pozner, human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, musician Andrei Makarevich, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, actress Liya Akhedzhakova, head of the Civic Assistance Committee Svetlana Gannushkina, economist Sergei Aleksashenko and others. The text is published on the website Change.org. The initiator of the petition was Novaya Gazeta.

Also from 21:30 Moscow time it was signed by nearly 1000 users of the portal.

The petition says that this movement was made by "provocateurs", they also prepared documents that later found the investigation extremist. Figures were illegally arrested, according to the newspaper, even the decisions of the courts are not illegal to not change the degree of restraint. The state in the person of the investigation and the public prosecutor's office has a choice, according to the authors of the petition: "continue the path of arbitrariness" or close the case. They also demanded "to prosecute them, thanks to whom all of the above is possible."

Why did the UK decide to release defendants of the SIZO in the case of "New Greatness"?

"We are determined to bring about the cessation of this case by involving an increasing number of people in the public campaign," the newspaper said.

Lia Akhedzhakova in a conversation with RBC reported that "the case of" New Greatness "is" the most terrible provocation "and pleaded for a fair inquiry." I heard about this case in the Moscow "Memorial". This is so terrible, it sends us back to 1937 – that's terrible. We dive into the same gruesome history of the Gulag archipelago again. Provocation, which is caught by young people, is in the worst traditions of the NKVD, the KGB and similar organizations in other countries of the world, "said Akhedzhakova.

The actress stressed that such provocations should be hacked and publicized, and she cited cases against the head of the Chechen branch of the Memorial Center, Oyuba Titiev, and the head of the Karelian memorial, Yuri Dmitriev. "We must immediately stop this way of throwing drugs into someone's car, if it can not be judged on the way of thinking, it is impossible for the same reason to state that he is a pedophile if he is a smart person, a researcher. "said Akhedzhakova.

Executive Director of the All-Russian Movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev in an interview with RBC noted that such actions by the authorities of the country are planning to drive young people away from politics. "If" the case of "Greatness" is ended and the young are captured, then the way for mass political repression will be opened, this is a purposeful provocation. The authorities see a threat among young people who are being swept away by politics, "he said.

"In the case of the" New Greatness "a very dangerous line is over," Ulitskaya said in a comment to RBC. – I was deeply troubled by the case [главы карельского «Мемориала»] Yuri Dmitriev, and the case of Kirill Serebrennikov, and many shameful cases concerning the outposts. But none of these cases was organized with the help of professional provocateurs who dragged very young girls and boys into a dangerous political game invented in the offices of the reborn Lubyanka. This refers us to the innumerable processes of the thirty-seventh year, designed in the guts of the NKVD and which killed thousands of innocent people. & # 39;

Figures from the "case of" New Greatness "were ten people, including Anna Pavlikova, who was a minor at the time of detention in March 2018. They are charged with creating an extremist community.

However, they wrote "Novaya Gazeta" and "Mediazona", the creator of the organization and the author of his charter was a law enforcement officer who communicated with other members of the movement under the pseudonym Ruslan D.

An illicit "March of Mothers" was held in Moscow. cartoon

6 more photos & # 39; s

Four of the suspects were sentenced to house arrest, four were arrested, including Pavlikova. Later, against the background of public outcry and a protest action in Moscow, the court handed Pavlikov and another suspect under house arrest.

"The case of" New Greatness "was controlled by the public prosecutor's office, but there were no signs of incitement by law enforcement agencies, State Duma Representative of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin considered such an inspection incomplete and appealed to her criticism of Attorney General Yuri. Chaika.

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