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NOVOSIBIRSK, August 28. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin is convinced that the Russian Federation is capable of bringing about a technological breakthrough in development. The head of state is certain that it is the advanced technologies that determine the viability of states and their place in the world.

"In fact, the vitality of entire nations, entire societies and states, the positions of countries in the world, especially of such big states as Russia, depends on advanced technologies, their effective development and rapid, and most importantly, introduction," Putin said. on the "Technoprom" forum, he explained that the scientific and technological breakthrough has therefore become one of the most important national priorities.

"I am convinced that we are able to achieve this by unifying the efforts of the state, the business community, the scientific and educational community and the freedom for the initiative and creativity of our people," the President stressed. .

According to the head of state there are now & # 39; fast technological changes, [идет] global competition for scientific, industrial superiority. "" Today, knowledge and advanced technologies are decisive for the effectiveness of the economy, we significantly improve the quality of people's lives, we modernize infrastructure and government, ensure order and safety, "said Putin.

He thinks it's right to hold the Technoprom forum in Novosibirsk – "in one of the most important business, industrial and intellectual centers of Russia, where large high-tech companies and scientific and educational institutions are concentrated, the world-famous Novosibirsk Academgorodok with its powerful innovative potential." The president expects the forum to help the development of domestic technologies and their implementation in practice.

Practical application of scientific ideas

Promising scientific ideas should be applied as quickly as possible in practice, according to the Russian president. He noted that one of the current topics of the forum is the improvement of the mechanism for the practical implementation of scientific developments.

"We have always had a lot of problems here, but I want to repeat that this chain must certainly be built in such a way that promising scientific ideas are applied as quickly as possible and turned into a successful commercial product, so that the intellectual resources that are spent yield real results. , served in favor of the Russian economy and industry, improving the quality of life for our citizens, "said the head of the Russian state.

Putin expressed his confidence: "through joint efforts, we will solve all the tasks we face in every way possible, provide a powerful scientific and technological breakthrough – not only from Siberia, but from all over the country." "We will certainly achieve that our country strengthens its position among the leaders of scientific and technological development," he added.

The president wished the participants productive work and the foreign guests of this event thanked for the attention they paid to the joint scientific work with Russia.

Plants of the "megascience" class

Putin has also announced plans to create a network of mega-class facilities across the country, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

"We have to build up our competence at the expense of international cooperation, an extremely important direction, including the development of the newest megaclass facilities in Russia," said the head of state. "In our plans to create a network of such facilities from Moscow Protovino to the Academy Novosibirsk city and the Russian island in Vladivostok."

According to Putin, with their help through the development of new types of energy, materials, medicines, quality products, scientists will be able to find answers to the so-called big challenges – resource depletion, diseases, food shortages, ecology. Such indications were presented at the exhibition in the "Technoprom" forum.

"These facilities will make a good contribution to solving the problems of the spatial development of Russia, the emergence of areas with a high concentration of research and development," added the Russian leader. One of the flagships, according to Putin, should be Novosibirsk Academgorodok here. He expressed the hope that all these plans will be executed on time and with the necessary quality.

"I can also say that the regional authorities and the scientific community have made a very serious effort to implement these plans," the president added. "At the same time, the consideration of the project will be continued unconditionally." In fact, the first public discussion takes place on the forum. suggestions ".

The head of state noted that one of the most important directions of the development of the Academgorodok must be to create new, high-tech, competitive productions, including those aimed at export. "Our company must actively participate," said the president with the wish: "And I must say that this high-tech company is developing very well and is producing very good results, the results show very good results."

Involving young people and foreigners in science

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that the authorities would continue to finance the financing of domestic science and called for the creation of conditions for attracting foreign experts to Russia.

The head of state recalled the increased credits for science and the renewal of his infrastructure. "Over the past 17 years, scientific funding has grown 3.7 times in real terms and 23.6 times in current prices," he said, but admitted that this is not enough.

"We start from our possibilities, although of course we will continue in this direction [увеличивать финансирование науки]", Putin promised.

The president also assured that conditions will be created to attract talented young people to science. "It is necessary to motivate the children with the decision of ambitious, important tasks, we must offer them the opportunity for self-realization, for achieving high scientific results, to do everything to make them feel that they are in demand are, "said the head of state.

According to him "at the same time it is necessary – and we will do it – to increase the attractiveness of our science for scientists from all over the world, to form points of attraction for them." "I assure you that there are such points," said Putin, explaining that in Russia there are promising and attractive indications for foreign research in which "our specialists have advanced and often moved further than their colleagues", and they have also good conditions.

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