Recent changes for motorists from 1 September 2018

In the first autumn month, new changes are introduced that concern owners of motor vehicles and drivers who move on the roads of the country. Citizens who own their own cars should know that on September 1st this year there will be a considerable increase in the price of mandatory compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance. A positive moment is also expected – the abolition of the sign, informing drivers that the car is equipped with studded tires.

What is the driver waiting for from 1 September 2018?

Cameras installed on highways register drivers who drive their own vehicle without submitting an MTPL policy. This procedure will take place during the day. At night, the information received will be analyzed with the help of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. In order to exclude automation errors, the personnel can also be determined by the traffic police.

To give a penalty, a period of one day is used. Since the vehicle can be attached to different rooms during the day to avoid confusion, this period is taken over. Insurers say that this is a very current innovation, because on the roads of the Russian Federation more than 6 million motorists move who have not formalized the OSAGO policy on their own vehicle.

Changes affect the pricing policy, which is observed for determining the costs of the policy. To purchase this document, the driver now has to pay 7.8 thousand rubles. Previously, this figure was 5.8 thousand rubles. In the event that a citizen of the Russian Federation acquires a powerful car, but registers it in a "non-profitable" region, the costs of the policy amount to 31,000 rubles. Previously, this figure was 25,000 rubles.

The latest news for motorists in 2018

Citizens of the Russian Federation who prepare themselves for the winter season and get the sign "spikes" after September 1, may not do this. In the last winter period the traffic police received a fine for the absence of this sign in the amount of 500 rubles. This year the board has been canceled. Drivers with a certain category of restrictions also receive relevant signals from September 1, 2018. It is noteworthy that the drivers will not find it in free sales.

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