Rescuers found the bodies of the mountaineers who disappeared in the mountains of North Ossetia: Incidents: VladTaim

Three residents of Krasnodar stopped contacting August 18 on Mount Galdor.

From August 21 to the present, the search for climbers who kept in touch with August 18 continued. Three men decided to climb Mount Galdor, the height of which was more than 4,000 meters, but for some unknown reason did not take any equipment to spend the night.

Two of them had a second position in mountaineering and were able to climb without an instructor, and also participated in several competitions. To date, there was hope that the missing men could not come into contact because of the peculiarities of Galdor's relief. Aviation was attracted to their search.

Today, rescue workers have still found the bodies of the three men who disappeared in the mountains of North Ossetia on the route they were to make. The bodies are in a few ropes of the glacier. Currently access to them is complicated because of the falling stones to the couloir. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the issue of their evacuation is being resolved.

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