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The researchers of the Moscow region arrested Alexei Beloborodov, Deputy Director General of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, and two of his subordinates, according to the website of the Research Committee of Russia.

All three were accused of attempting to commit fraud in a particularly large number. In the near future, a petition will be filed with the court for the election of a certain degree of restriction.

It is noted that the case is investigated with the active cooperation of the staff of the P-department of the FSB. This counter-espionage service deals with the fight against corruption in the industrial sphere.

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16:33 July 20

According to the source of Interfax, who is familiar with the investigation, a whole team of specialists, senior staff "RKK. [19659002] The press service of Roskosm told RIA Novosti that the prisoners were making confessions, and the state-owned company was promised to help with the investigation.

In July of this year, the head of the scientific institute of Roskosmos, TsNIIMash and the United Missile and Space Corporation were searched The FSB is of the opinion that the employees of these companies have transferred the results of developments in Russian industry to the Western special services in the context of hypersonic developments classified as top secret The suspect in the case is 74-year-old employee of the central research institute for oil and gas Viktor Kudryavtsev According to Kommersant, he is responsible for the transfer to the special services of NATO-la data on hypersonic technologies for the Avangard and Dagger complexes.

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