Russia began testing electromagnetic weapons at landfills – military and military-industrial complexes

MOSCOW, October 1st. / TASS /. Samples of Russian electromagnetic weapons are already tested in conditions of landfill, Tass advised Vladimir Mikheev, first deputy general director of Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET).

According to him, the systems of electromagnetic weapons or so-called microwave guns (microwave microwave radiation – Tiss note) exist "and they develop very efficiently."

"Tests are constantly being carried out in the laboratory and at the test sites," Mikheyev said and answered whether such weapons were tested. He added that active work is also being done on protection systems against electromagnetic weapons.

In microwave guns, electromagnetic radiation of ultra-high frequency, also called electromagnetic "shot", is used as a harmful factor. As previously reported in KRET, it is expected that such weapons in the future will be able to completely burn the enemy's electronics, for example the heads of the rocket.

In particular, it is intended to arm unmanned Russian unmanned six-generation aircraft with electromagnetic guns.

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies JSC was founded in 2009 as a specialized management company of Rostec in the field of radio electronics.

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