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The Russian Defense Ministry told about the results of the operation carried out by Russian military personnel in Syria. The agency published the video & # 39; Results in figures & # 39; on Wednesday, August 22 on his page on YouTube.

It says that combat experiences in Syria had received 63,012 soldiers, including 474 generals and 25.7 thousand officers. All participants in the operation received departmental insignia and one at four – state prices. The Russian army also freed 6.5 thousand hectares, more than 19 thousand buildings and 1.5 thousand kilometers of roads.

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The Ministry of Defense said that 231 samples of weapons were tested in combat conditions, including ammunition, cruise missiles and air defense weapons. Aircraft VKS carried out 39 thousand flights, drones – more than 25 thousand and navy troops – 189 combat actions.

According to the positions of terrorists, only cruise missiles of the seabed "Kaliber" have inflicted 100 strokes. In total, according to the bureau 121.5 thousand objects were destroyed, 830 leaders and 86 thousand terrorists eliminated, including 4.5 thousand people from Russia and CIS countries.

The video also mentions the training of Syrian military personnel, the establishment of a modern infrastructure at the air base of Khmeimim and the port of Tartus, the activities of the Center for Reconciliation of the parties, Russian military doctors and military police units.

Russia launched a military operation in Syria in 2015 at the request of President Bashar Assad. By then, the struggle between government forces and militants was continued in the SAR for four years.

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