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A poster of the US Department of Defense dedicated to the project of S.O.I. 1984

Russia secretly created and launched in the job, according to Morning. ru, some killer satellites that can destroy other vehicles. And in the past five years, four such satellites have been launched into space. Even their code names are given – "Cosmos-2491", "Cosmos-2499", "Cosmos-2504" and "Cosmos-2519".

The American edition of the National Interest was revealed by the "treacherous Moscow". The publication of the publication indicates that Washington raised the issue of Russian satellites during the recent Geneva Conference on Disarmament. Then they say that Russia was directly accused of launching "satellite killers". Accusations in Moscow deny: satellites have no military purpose, they are needed to detect disturbances in other spacecraft.

In Washington they say that America has not been informed of the launches of these satellites. And most importantly, the satellites are very suspicious, which gives the Americans cause for concern (see "NG" of August 14, 1818). This concerns for example the & # 39; Cosmos-2519 & # 39; which was launched more than a year ago, from which Kosmos-2521 was disconnected in space, and from which Kosmos-2523 in turn left & # 39;

In the United States it is claimed that laser weapons have already been installed on Russian satellites. So it or not, it is not known. In the Soviet Union, several experimental models of laser spatial guns were designed and built to destroy American interceptor satellites. At that time they could only work if there were powerful earth-based power supplies, they could not be installed on a military satellite or space platform. Now it seems that technical progress makes it possible to solve this problem.

Sputnik inspectors call spacecraft with the technical maneuvering room to move around the earth and to observe or otherwise use other satellites. And similar devices are in the US and China. The best known of these scouts is the American space plane X-37. It should be noted that the militarization of space is largely prohibited by the International Convention on the Cosmic Space of 1967.

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