Russian sells a cat-extrasens for five million rubles: Beasts: Of life:

On the site Avito there was an announcement about the sale of a cat of the British breed, which is said to be a paranormally gifted. Kemerovo is asking for five million rubles for an unusual animal vendor.

The announcement notes that the cat sees "ghosts and spirits" and also determines the presence of "evil or good forces" in the apartment. Moreover, according to the current owner, the beast will help psychotics to communicate with the other world.

As the owner of the animal has told the publication "Sibdepo", at the moment the cat is four years old. The owner decided to abandon him, because there is not enough room for the cat in the apartment where he lives with his family, and he has to live in the country.

According to the men, the extrasensory powers of the cat were discovered when the family was about to buy a house. "They wanted to buy a house, according to tradition, they decided to launch the cat first, and he did not go in. Then the neighbors asked, they told me that the grandmother had a bad life there. in this way felt and warned, "explained the owner.

He also noted that he had asked such a high price to attract the attention of potential buyers, but added that he would not object if someone really decides to give such an amount for a cat.

In January last year it became known that an inhabitant of the Amur area decided to sell five million cats, who allegedly knew how to communicate with astral entities and treated all diseases. According to "", the animal was consequently obtained by a female paranormally gifted person.

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