Russians fought a big battle over the trampoline: incidents: Russia:

In the central park of Voronezh there was a huge fight because of the trampoline, REN TV reports. The video, which came into the hands of the channel, shows how the police try to catch and place several people in patrol cars. An eyewitness who videotaped a video report that the incident was the result of an attempt to "win a place in the park" by "Russian and Armenian businessmen."

The channel indicates that the conflict has occurred between the owners of trampolines and employees, who have been sent by the administration to dismantle them. The workers blew the babut, but the owner of the rides came to the place, which put his minibus on the broken trampoline so that it would not be taken away. In order not to roll back the car, he took off her wheels and put it in the saloon.

According to eyewitnesses, the owner of the attraction claimed documents about the forced dismantling of the trampoline. The conversation was on high tones, as a result a fight broke out. Operations arrived in the park on 11 special vehicles. Deboshirov was taken to the police station. In its place, also sent dog guides with dogs, who checked the message about the explosives in the minibus. This information has not been confirmed.

On what happened to six people, protocols were drawn up with a view to an administrative crime under the article "Disobedience to the legal order of a police officer". The items are forwarded to the central court for consideration. Prisoners receive a fine of 500 thousand rubles to a million or arrest up to 15 days.

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