Russians get rid of the need to enter the data from the map when buying online: Economy: Economy:

From 2019, Russians will be able to pay for purchases in online stores with an e-mail address. Additional details of bank cards, such as number, validity period or CVV code, are not required. This is on Monday, August 29, Izvestia reports with reference to a source in the Central Bank.

Buyers must download a special application developed by the Finteh Association. This allows you to bind credit and debit card data to e-mail. The Central Bank was certain that the program would be protected against hacking as much as possible.

Experts responded positively to the initiative. According to Sergey Rusanov, head of the IT block of the "Otkrytie" bank, the customer can enter less data when paying for the purchase, thereby reducing the risk of aggressive advertising. Moreover, this payment method will not allow fraudsters to collect information about phishing sources, said deputy head of the Computer Forensics Group-IB Sergei Nikitin laboratory.

At the same time, the service may not be completely reliable for users. "Payment by entering e-mail may involve high security risks if the user has a password for the e-mail account, for example" 11111111 "or coincides with the name of the mailbox, which is often done. mail often hacked, users forget and change passwords, "explained the consulting director of InfoWatch GC Maria Voronova. She added that these details should be considered.

"Fiztech" works together with the Bank of Russia on other means of identification, for example via the mobile number. In addition, the association develops other types of direct payments, such as transfers between their accounts in different banks and others.

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