Since April, the government has withheld pregnant women, nurses and adolescents in prison, quark, butter and vegetables

Imagine that a kind of anthropoid creature left his dacha and left a pregnant cat there. Everyone said to him: what are you doing, you monster! Release the cat or give him in good hands, he will die!

And he grinned and answered: nothing will happen to her.

I arrived within six months, opened a summer house – well, the cat is alive, although it is a bastard, and the kittens are not plush balls, but they are alive. Not in the sanatorium. And again I closed the dacha.

Do you communicate with such an anthropoid? Or what are you going to do? Do you throw the cat food through the window? Call the police? So she will just laugh. Would you like to write a letter to the newspaper? Well writtenandThat.

And now imagine that this is not a cat. These are people. Closed not in the country, but in prison. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, minors. They are children. Although what to think, this is so. They are locked in prison because they are accused of committing crimes. Only the debt, but we have the same suspicion of innocence, right? Until proven, the person is innocent. And how to prove who proves and how to judge – well, you do not have to explain it to me, because you read the "New". A third is for nothing, a third – not for a third of the case. Value for many years.

Yes, and what a difference, the guilty is pregnant or not. Her child is not guilty of anything. And do not feed – there was no persuasion.

The consent of a society that pays taxes and votes, and a state that – in theory – recruits society to protect its interests. But of course it is all in theory. And we all practice here.

So: since April – as happened by August by chance – the Russian government has deprived pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and minors in pre-trial detention centers and IVS across the country, extra products: cottage cheese, butter, cheese, milk and vegetables. It was discovered because members of the Moscow ONC noticed a difference in the diet – not immediately, but noted, okay. Nobody noticed anything else. Asked in the UFSIN of Moscow, they answered: but we, Th, we were told – we have canceled the products. The authorities ordered.

Survive without cottage cheese, butter, cheese, milk and vegetables for six months – it means they will survive. Do not bother. Maybe they receive caviar in the programs. Or a white pigeon thrown in a truffle window.

Until April of this year, juvenile prisoners received 15 grams of butter and cheese and 10 grams of sugar a day, pregnant and lactating women – two slices of bread, a glass of milk, 100 grams of vegetables, 50 grams of meat, 40 grams of curd, a handful of dried fruit and an egg. Theoretically. It is clear that with the total closure of the system, in the absence of real public control, with a system of punishment for complaints and traditional theft, all this was theoretical – but it was.

And in April, the Russian government issued Resolution No. 471. And this resolution eliminated 'additions to food standards & # 39 ;.

This is of course done with the best motives. They have canceled the ability to raise it later. Maybe one day. The resolution contains a point at which the Ministry of Justice, in consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, can increase the food supply to the suspect and accuse it in committing crimes for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and minors.

Maybe, but I should not do that. That's not necessary.

Last year FSIN's facilities had 715 pregnant women. And for some reason, 282 children were born.

In 2016, 457 children were born. And all children (up to three years) in prisons now about 600.

I look at the statistics of the solemn meeting with Vice Prime Minister Olga Golodets not so long ago. There is so much beauty there. It is said that the percentages for giving diapers to babies who have been breastfed are increased: twice a day, and now four. Progress! And the standards for supplementary food are steadily increasing.

And very, very many kinds of all kinds. And diapers, and diapers and gaskets. I do not know where all this is. I only know that "Sitting" regularly supplies diapers, including the SIZO-6 from Moscow women, and there is never anything there. And publishing a charity supply by a legal entity is practically the saga "Mission Impossible". Delivering to a person – it is almost impossible, except that in the context of "one convicted – one package". Or try to get the book. Our Ruslan Vakhapov (known to the readers of Novaya Gazeta, now he is the branch of Russ Sitting in the Volga region) has tried for a week to push a thin book – the Code of Criminal Procedure – to JIS-1 in Yaroslavl. The Criminal Code has been passed, but there is no CPC – in the fight against the spread of extremist literature, they said.

And try to pass the curd. And even more the eggs.

In Nizhny Novgorod the Falin, Tanya and Artem family live with us. And then, or 18, or 20 children, there are only two of them. They are involved in the prison service. Noble, believing people. Where do these children come from? Many – prison. They take it for themselves, they give it away. Large-scale government support, orders and medals? They have orders, they showed me the whole collection – they were made of bread crumb in the zone and decorated.

Well, at least the bread crumb still. For your information: the FSIN reports that by 2019 the budget for food for prisoners will be reduced by a quarter.

In 2015, a prisoner received 86 rubles a day. By 2019 this rate will be reduced to 64 rubles. Now – 72 rubles per day, but this does not take into account the discount since April.

There are still reserves, such as the farmer from an anecdote, who has been weaned for two weeks. Would continue – it is a pity that I died.

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