Spetsnaz destroyed in Dagestan led a shooting leader

The siloviki in Dagestan liquidated the member of the gang, who opened fire on them. The clash between the spetsnaz and the participant in the illegal armed formation took place in the CTO zone (the counter-terrorist regime) in the Khasavyurt district between the villages of Endiry and Toturbykala.

On the offer to surrender, the armed man opened the fire and was killed. Nobody was hurt under the guards.

The militant was the leader of the so-called "Kizilyurt" banditry group, RIA Novosti reported that he was citing a source at law enforcement agencies of the republic. He was involved in the attack on the police squad on Wednesday. The suspect, in an attempt to check his documents, fired a crew of four MVD employees. Then two law enforcement officers were injured.

The regime of the counter-terrorist operation operates from the spring of this year in the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan and the city of Khasavyurt.

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