The Don writer of science fiction Vladimir Danikhnov

Today, September 17, there was no writer of the Don Dynasty Vladimir Daniynov. This was reported on his Facebook page by his wife Ian Danikhinov. He has been fighting cancer in the past few years. His works were twice included in the long list of the national literary prize "The Big Book" – the novel "The Being as Big as the Ferris Wheel" and the novel "Alien".

Vladimir Danikhnov was born in Novocherkassk in 1981 and received his higher education at the Technical University of Southern Russia. He wrote several novels: "Alien", "Our Little Brothers", "The Girl and the Dead", "The Lullaby" and the novel "A creature the size of a Ferris wheel".

At the annual congress of the European Society for Science Fiction in 2008 Vladimir Danikhnov received an incentive prize as the best young science fiction writer from Russia. For the novel "The Girl and the Dead" he received the Silver Caduceus Award, twice the finalist of the debut prize – for the novels The Alien and The Girl and the Dead.

The last time he lived with his wife Yana and two children in St. Petersburg. Where the writer is buried, it is not yet known.

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