The fire in the Queen lasts for eight hours – Moscow 24, 8/26/2018

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The fire in the queen lasts about eight hours, reported the 24-channel of Moscow. The ignition is localized, but at the Ministry of Emergency Situations they report fires in the fires.

According to the rescuers, this is the result of wind. According to the preliminary version, the reason for the accident could be the careless handling of fire.

A report on the fire in house number 4 on Leninskaya Street, in the Yubileyny microdistrict appeared at 06:26. A total of 122 people and 33 units of equipment, including a helicopter from the Moscow Aviation Center, were involved in extinguishing the fire.

On a surface of 300 square meters there is a wooden attic of a building with seven floors. The fire received the second rank of complexity.

Rescuers took ten people out of the house, the rest were evacuated independently. A total of 210 people live in the house. No one was injured as a result of the accident.

For residents of the burning house they have prepared a temporary accommodation in the local cultural house. Residents are provided with everything that is needed.

Psychologists work on the spot. In preparation for the passenger bus Mostransavtvo. An operational headquarters has been set up on site, the head of the administration and the duty of deputy work on site.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports on fires in the residential building in Korolev

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