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In the village of Belye coasts near Bryansk, a furniture factory on fire, the fire threatened to spread to adjacent buildings. The work on extinguishing took one and a half hour.

"On arrival at 15.59 fire and rescue units to the call location, it appeared that the incineration took place in a one-storey brick building with a size of 30×40 meters, and there was a threat to neighboring buildings. , "- says the regional GU of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to some reports, the ignition area was then 2000 square meters.

As wrote, the possible cause of the fire was mentioned in the building of the Central Bank in Moscow. The ignition can occur as a result of a short circuit.
Ten people who were in the building at the time of the fire were able to evacuate independently. None of them was injured, Tass reported in the emergency services of the capital. The fire did not touch the important documentation of the Central Bank, several units of office equipment were burned.

The fire in the Central Bank building on Neglinnaya Street took place on the evening of 24 August. The fire was on the fifth floor. Soon the open fire was eliminated.

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