The Ministry of Defense published documents about the battle of Kursk

August 23 – The day of defeat by the Soviet troops of the fascists in the Battle of Kursk. On this day 75 years ago, one of the most important battles of the Great Patriotic War was over. On the scale, the tension, the troops participating in the battles, it has no equal.

In this context, the Russian Ministry of Defense has published unique archive materials from those years.

The website presents documents about the work of the commander of the Bryansk Front with the hunters about ways to combat the latest German heavy tank "Tiger". Our troops have refuted the claims of their invulnerability. "Among the 1,539 enemy tanks, killed and destroyed by units of the Red Army, is a large number of notorious" tigers, "according to the document.

Also in the documents there is a guideline from the supreme headquarters of the Supreme Command on the approval of the plan for the liberation of Kharkov. "According to the document, the coordination of the actions of the four fronts in the fighting on the Kursk Ardennes was concentrated in the hands of mysterious personalities -" comrades of St. George & # 39; s and Alexandrov, "the documents say: Marshals Georgy Zhukov and Alexander Vasilevsky appear in the archives.

As you know, the Battle of Kursk took place from July 5 to August 23, 1943 and is considered the largest tank battle in the history of humanity, involving more than 6,000 tanks.

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