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SIMFEROPOL, October 1st. / TASS /. The Krymsky bridge, which was commissioned in May for passenger cars and buses, opens Monday for the freight movement, reports the information center of the Krymsky Bridge.

Special project on the subject

"On Monday, October 1, at midnight Moscow, all restrictions in force on the new section of the A-290 motorway on the Krimbrug for the period of the high holiday period will be lifted," the report said. Previously exceptions were provided for trucks only by the builders of the Crimean bridge and the Tavrida motorway.

A temporary restriction on the traffic of trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons since the introduction of the Crimean bridge has acted on the basis of roads from the Krasnodar area and from the Crimea. "Restrictions were associated with the phased launch of traffic on these parts of the route and the need to ensure the safe passage of vehicles during peak periods during the high holiday period," said the information center.

As a result of the opening of the bridge for the movement of goods transport stationary inspection complexes were equipped, the markings and traffic patterns on the approaches were changed.

"The car approach of the Crimean bridge is the first road in Russia, the asphalt concrete pavement of which was made using Superpave technology," says TASS in the State Committee of the Road Economy of the Republic of Crimea. This technology avoids the formation of traces and considerably extends the throughput time. special reflective markings are applied by thermoplastic.

Goods transport to the bridge will be inspected. "Transport security is ensured under the scheme in force since May 2018 – at inspection points at the Taman and Kerch banks, and the inspection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of a government decree," reported the Crimean Bridge information center.

For the development of Crimea

According to Rosavtodor, 700 trucks can drive daily over the Crimean bridge – so many trucks now use the Kerry ferry. They will be able to cross the bridge in 20 minutes, while waiting for the departure by ferry takes four to six hours. In addition, the base rate for ferries is 5-13 thousand rubles, depending on the type of car and can be increased two to three times in case of oversized dimensions. And travel on the bridge, emphasize in Rosavtodor, remains free.

The Crimean authorities are confident that with the launch of the truck traffic on the Crimea bridge, the economy of the peninsula will receive a boost for development. "Logistics and the way of delivery of building materials, food products, medicines will be simplified, it will be easier for us, we will leave port procedures with regard to loading goods, I think this will make life easier for us," said Sergey Aksenov, the head of the region.

Deputy Minister for Industrial Policy in Crimea Yan Latyshev is convinced that the launch of freight traffic on the bridge will help to develop competition. "Of course, this will lead to the removal of certain logistical problems associated with the delivery of goods, and create additional conditions for the development of competition." First of all, this will affect the group of non-food goods: furniture, household appliances and inferior degree food products, we expect an increase in the retail market of the Crimea of ​​perishable goods, that is, it will have a beneficial effect on the price situation ", – believes Latyshev.

Alexey Krylovsky, the managing director of the Leontief Center – AV Group consortium – AV Group (strategic planning advice center), stresses that the Crimean Bridge is needed both by the peninsula and by the Krasnodar region, for which the organization has developed a development strategy until 2030. Now the region is the key for the export and import activities of Russia. The development strategy of the region provides for the creation of a logical hub of the Russian and perhaps also the international level.

"The more traffic there will be [через Кубань]the more active the project will develop [хаба], and it will allow to create an infrastructure, information environment <...>. It is also necessary for the development of the industry in the region – the construction of industries, the creation of jobs, the growth of traffic. Again, some foreign company wants to localize production in Russia, and it will bring more profit for them to bring components with an international model, assemble them in the neighborhood and send even more finished products. Some companies want to go to the Crimea, but the sanctions regime hinders, but nobody forbids the promotion of freight traffic, "he told TASS.

After the launch of the truck traffic on the Crimea bridge, the price level in the Crimea may decrease, said FAS director Igor Artemyev earlier. He promised to force the monopolists to lower prices, because opening the movements of trucks removes all risks associated with the ferry.

About the project

The motorway section of the bridge, which connected the Crimean peninsula to other regions of Russia, was opened on May 15 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, on 16 May a traffic on the bridge began. In the first phase, the bridge was only opened for passenger cars and passenger buses. The construction of the railway through the strait continues, the opening is planned for 2019.

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