The ochkarik, who gave the change to the major, was condemned. He was found guilty PHOTO – URA.RU

The sentence proved to be smoother than the prosecutor asked, but he also received no justification.Collage: "URA.RU"

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The case of the glasses in Yekaterinburg

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In the Kirovsky court of Yekaterinburg sentenced to the so-called "company of the ochkarik" – the 22-year-old Vlad Ryabukhin, who went to help the friend of a friend and gave the attack to the southern athletes who attacked him. For one blow against the jaw of the enemy (who incidentally was the first to hit), Vlad threatened to stay in the colony – the parquet girl asked him two years before the actual deprivation of liberty (the man even went to court with a bag of things – for in case he was taken away) in the SIZO). Instead, Ryabukhin must take part in the correctional work and pay the victim a considerable amount.

Such a decision was made by Judge Sergei Savinov. He considered the actions of Ryabukhin not as an intentional infliction of serious damage to his health, but as causing serious damage through negligence and rearranged the case of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation until the 118th. "To impose a punishment in the form of 300 hours of correctional labor," Judge Savinov said his verdict. Riabukhin Sargo Harutyunyan, the victim, also has to pay approximately 360 thousand rubles for claims for compensation.

"We will certainly appeal against the verdict," Ryabukhin & # 39; s lawyer, Sergei Kolosovsky, told URA.RU. "We still believe that our customer did not commit any crime, acted solely for the sake of self-defense and did not even exceed his limits, and responded with a blow to the blow."

The trial against Vladislav Ryabukhin. Ekaterinburg, Savinov Sergey

The judge, as so often happens, made the decision "not by yours – not by ours"

Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

"URA.RU" told in detail the story of 22-year-old Vladislav Ryabukhin: a year ago he came with a friend to help the girl from the party and was not afraid to catch the drunken southerners who attacked them. Resisting a blow in the face, Vlad gave his opponent – 100 kg Sargis Harutyunyan. After the impact of the slim "glasses" he fell on the asphalt and started epilepsy.

Vlad, who knew what to do in such cases, rushed to give his opponent first aid. Sargo was soon hospitalized with a head injury and Ryabukhin received a criminal case. Last week Vlad spoke in court with the last word and said he did not understand what his guilt was.

Photo of the judgment of Vlad Riabukhin

Photo by: URA.RU

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