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As a result of the incident, four people were admitted to the hospital. There were 166 passengers on board. The liner belongs to the airline Utair

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Passenger Boeing 737, flying from Moscow to Sochi, landed when he landed at the city's airport and caught fire. This is reported by the TASS source in the emergency services of the Krasnodar area and the interlocutor of the agency "Interfax" in the airport services. At the moment there is evacuation of passengers, there were 166 people on board.

The incident took place at 2:59 am Moscow. "The plane caught on the wing and rolled behind the runway, after which there was a fire," – said the TASS source, adding that the putting out of the fire continues. "The flame has been shot down," he remarked.

At the same time, according to Interfax's interlocutor, after Boeing had rolled off the belt, "he overcame the seat belt by inertia, hit the parapet and lost his left wing". In general, the flight crew succeeded, as noted by the interlocutor of the office, to land on the second attempt.

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According to REN-TV, the board belongs to the airline Utair. This information was subsequently confirmed by TASS in the airline's press service. "The plane has left, yes," said the airline's representative. He did not say the rest of the details and circumstances of what happened.

As a representative of the emergency services in the RIA Novosti region reported, six people were injured as a result of the incident, according to preliminary data. The degree of severity received by passengers injured by the interlocutor of the agency has not specified. Later he reported that four of the six victims of fire in Sochi had been hospitalized. This information was then confirmed to Interfax by an informed source. Tass about this later reported in the press service of the regional council of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Post-incident verification at Sochi airport has already begun in the Southern Investigation Department on the transportation of TFR. Informed source of Interfax notes that the event could cause adverse weather conditions – heavy rainfall occurred in Sochi.

By 5:15 Moscow time, Sochi airport in connection with the incident suspended sending flights, TASS reported in the reference terminal. "There is no departure for an indefinite period, arrival should be," said the airport.

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