The preventive arrest of Navalny does not affect the number of arriving shares

Preventive arrest

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Alexey Navalny again has the administrative responsibility for organizing an unauthorized action. I am also news, you will say. But the point here is not exactly in Navalny and in the actions for which he is imprisoned, but in the manner in which the image of the protest and its participants in power is formed. In her opinion, the public of opposition meetings is a crowd of fans of Navalny who come there to gape at the idol of the YouTube channel. But this is not true.

The preventive arrest of Navalny does not affect the number of arriving shares

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

On Saturday afternoon, the spokesperson for Navalny Kira Yarmysh said that the opposition politician had been detained and taken to the police station. And for what it was – it was unclear. Navalny, who, for obvious reasons, took the trouble to sit out in special detention centers, tried to slip home, referring to the fact that his finger was broken during detention.

But the break was only a strong stretch – and he was not considered a good reason to avoid punishment. Proponents of the politician wondered why they had detained Navalny. To everyone's amazement it turned out that the blogger decided for no reason to withhold the action, which took place on 28 January and was not agreed with the authorities.

And immediately in the opposition environment found the reasons for such a temporary "memory loss" of the researchers and their sudden insight that in the winter, they say, the Bulkwet violated. He has recently announced an action that is completely inconvenient for the authorities and can spoil the final of the election campaign in the city. Apparently, Navalny therefore decided to isolate him in the special detention center and arrest him for another 30 days, which already approves dozens of bills.

But will the authorities achieve the stated goal? Regardless of how much I have been able to communicate with young people who come to the Navalny shares, all (with a few exceptions) they say that they do not go out in support of a certain person. In fact, it does not matter, the Navalny or the Basement level urged them to gather in the square.

"I am 18 and I have lived under Putin all my life, I want changes, change of strength" – that is their standard answer. And yes, they do not always understand what kind of changes they need and what they lead to, but the request is exactly that. And I assume that in a few years they will have a request to replace Navalny herself, which she will fill with nausea even as & # 39; the only alternative leader of the opposition, such as political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky once mentioned. The time will pass, they will gather and say that they have lived half their lives under Navalny & # 39 ;. But although it is still reasonably usable, and unfortunately it is a non-alternative tool for attempts to change power. To be more precise, to openly express their desire for change.

The funny thing is that the position he eventually took is completely inconsistent with the demands of Navalny himself. He just prefers not to notice that they do not go for him and not for him. For all his authoritarianism he unconsciously built a system that works without his personal presence, and the power itself came to his aid.

While Navalny served another 30 days, the work of his YouTube channel had to be supported, conduct anti-corruption investigations and share news. And this function was taken over by his assistants, who can now successfully replace it.

And the shares pass safely without him. Of course they are not as numerous as during the marsh & # 39; protests, but the number of people who come is certainly not affected by the presence of opposition leaders. Remember at least a series of events that the blogger did not reach at all, or did not reach, since he was being held at the entrance. If you compare it with the shares on which he was still present, you can see that this has not affected the appearance at all.

As a result, Navalny became a sort of collective image that can not be closed within the walls of a temporary detention facility and can thus disrupt the retention of such an outdated planned opposition action. How can it be impossible to close only one square in the city to prevent demonstrators from entering Moscow streets? And the attempted "preventive arrest" will not lead to anything, on the contrary, a mass of articles in the media about the trial against an oppositionist will become an "advertisement" for future actions. And the lack of personal Navalny will not humiliate anyone. Young people are tired of the personality cult, and this also works for the current protest leaders. But the authorities continue to think in a different paradigm and can not understand this.

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