The secret labels of apartment thieves in Moscow are: Apartment: House:

Stolichnye thieves – burglars no longer concentrate on the fullness of mailboxes when determining suitable for marauding apartments and use other methods. This is written by the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" in an interview with the former Moscow police officer Igor Grishakov.

Due to the large amount of advertising correspondence, filling mailboxes in Moscow is no longer a feature of the temporary absence of the owners for the housewives. Now, as Grishakov says, thieves actively use advertising brochures to reveal empty apartments.

"As a rule, citizens do not notice this because these specialists act very carefully," says the former operator. – For example, have you been confused by the pizza ad that is stuck in the front door of your apartment? Here are the majority of citizens – no. And that is how thieves feel the ground: the next day the flyer stuck in the door – this means that the apartment was empty ".

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00:07 November 9, 2017

In addition, burglars periodically monitor the owners of apartments in social networks. "At first glance, the harmless status -" leaving for two days before departure "or" a gift from the beloved husband "- can leave a man without a cent in his pocket for the foreseeable future," notes the former policeman, in which states that the espionage on the internet came to replace another scheme. Previously, thieves in apartments in newspapers often searched for advertisements about car sales and called the phones mentioned in them reportedly interested in buying. "If on the other side of the wire it was said that the car was sold, it meant that the owner of the apartment already has money, while the new car probably has not yet been bought.In general, another victim was found", explains Grishakov out.

According to the discussion partner of the publication, citizens now prefer areas with new buildings, since buyers of apartments in new areas often save money for a car. Moreover, there is no work to prevent such crimes in recently built and populated areas.

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