The source spoke about the problems with the launch complex of the spaceport Vostochny – Science

Tass, 10 September. The launch complex for Soyuz 2 launch vehicles on the Vostochny quay module needs to be repaired due to the emptiness that has arisen under the service tower. Tass told a source in the cosmodrome.

"Underneath the reinforced concrete base of the mobile tower for maintenance at the first launch complex on Vostochny, empty spaces fell into the ground and a contract for its liquidation was concluded," said the source, without explaining the reasons for the formation of cavities. specify.

The state of the launch was reviewed in July, the source said.

The Center for the Operation of Infrastructure for Space did not comment on the information provided by the source.

The first launch complex was set up in the Vostochny Space Center in 2012-2016 under the Soyuz-2 rockets, its first launch was launched on April 28, 2016.

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