The temporary cause of the accident on the sliding bridge was announced in St. Petersburg

Mostotrest specialists checked the work of constructive elements of the Volodarsky bridge in St. Petersburg, of which the spontaneous elimination caused an accident with the victims.

As a result of the analysis of the data obtained, it was possible to record additional dynamic loads in the bridge's spanning structure, according to the organization's press service. They in turn caused "elastic deformations" of the wing of the "bridge" and the subsequent short removal of the spreading span.

As clarified in the organization, the "beak" of the span has increased by about 20 centimeters. Experts continue to monitor and discover all circumstances of the emergency.

Remember that the incident took place on Saturday night. Part of the Volodarsky bridge spontaneously rose a few centimeters while cars were passing by. As a result, LADA Kalina, Nissan Qashqai and PAZ bus crashed in flight. Three people members. The condition of one of them is considered to be heavy. The rest received moderate damage.

August 24 on the Volodarsky bridge completed work on the replacement of asphalt pavement. Experts also check the possible connection of recent repair work to the accident that occurred.

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