The UK started a case about the emergency landing of an aircraft in Ufa – RT in Russian

The criminal case was instituted after an incident involving a passenger plane that flew from Soef to Sochi and that burned a left engine on departure. This was reported by the press service of the investigation committee.

"On the fact of an aviation incident with the fire of one of the engines of the Tu-204 passenger plane Red Wings, which was operating the flight Ufa-Sochi, a criminal case was brought on the violation of safety rules for traffic and the operation of air transport ( Part 1, Article 263 of the Criminal Code) – said in the message of the United Kingdom in the "TamTam" messenger.

As noted, the main version of the investigation is the technical failure of the aircraft.

In the morning of August 22, the passenger Tu-204 returned to the airport of origin after the ignition of the left engine. Passengers were evacuated seven minutes after landing using inflatable ladders, nobody was injured.

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