The US wanted more damage to Russia: the state economy: economy:

The United States will amend the law to prevent Russia's allegedly planned interference with the upcoming congressional elections, in order to minimize the impact on the world's economy and to concentrate on the Russian economy. This is reported by Bloomberg.

"We want to ensure that the economic damage is as limited as possible for the Russian economy, and the side effect was insignificant", says one of the initiators, Senator Chris Van Hollen.

The law provides for the introduction of restrictive measures against Russia in the event that the National Intelligence Agency confirms that Moscow is interfering with the mid-term elections scheduled for November in the United States. In particular, sanctions are proposed for a new national debt of Russia, Russian banks, mining companies and civil servants.

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01:55 9 August

In late July, US President Donald Trump said Russia would try to intervene in the US elections in November this year. According to the American leader, Moscow will support the Democratic Party, and not the Republican, despite the fact that according to the intelligence service Russia was involved in the victory of the Republican candidate in the presidential elections in 2016.

In early August, the US approved the extension of sanctions against Russia for the use of prohibited weapons and allowed their spread to the Russian sovereign debt.

The analytical rating agency (ACRA) came to the conclusion that US sanctions against the Russian sovereign debt could lead to an outflow of 8-10 percent of investors from Russian sovereign debt securities.

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