The Verkhovna Rada was shocked by the loss of the ban to go to Russia. "Ukraine is finishing" – URA.RU

Rabinovich predicted a great lossPhoto: the personal page of Vadim Rabinovich on Facebook

A deputy from the Verkhovna Rada, Vadim Rabinovich, said that "they are finishing Ukraine". So he commented on the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Nezalezhnaya about the termination of transport communication with Russia.

The people's representative is perplexed about the proposal of the department to take radical measures: "Stop the bus service, everything will be interrupted – what are we going to do?" According to him, the trade turnover of Ukraine nowadays only grows with Russia, reports RIA Novosti.

"You have one task: finishing the country, forcing 10-12 million people to stay here and turning it into a kind of agro-industrial complex with slaves for the West," Rabinovich said.

The politician said that, according to the statistic of the state of the country, 238 thousand Ukrainians went to Russia to work in the last six months. He added that millions of Ukrainians work in the Russian Federation. "Tens of thousands of billions are consumed by our country from guest workers and at the cost of it it is still floating in some way," the bureau quotes the parliamentarian. Rabinovitch complained that the Silk Road passed Ukraine, and the rest will bypass the country. So around the state there will be a global economy in development, and therefore nothing will happen, the opinion of RT deputy expires.

Earlier, "URA.RU" wrote that the Ukrainian minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, whose wife sells dresses in Russia, spoke about the benefits of the ban on rail communications between the countries. He is convinced that such a measure will protect Ukrainian citizens.

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