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Trump invited a Republican senator to return to the United States after a trip to Russia for a game of golf. The legislator himself said earlier that he would ask Trump to remove sanctions from Russian senators

Rand Paul

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US President Donald Trump played a game of golf with the Republican Senator Random Paul, who recently returned from Russia. This was reported by The Hill regarding the press service of the White House.

"The president played a short game of golf with Senator Random Paul, whom the President loves and enjoys with pleasure."

How? says The Hill, it was expected that Paul would ask Trump to lift sanctions from a number of Russian officials, so they can officially come to the United States this year.

After returning from Russia to Fox's television channel, Rand Paul said he had met members of both chambers of the federal obraniya Russia, and they agreed to bring Russia to Washington in the fall. "The problem is that the leaders of each of the committees can not come to the US because of sanctions," Paul said. He promised to discuss this issue with Trump.

The White House mentioned the purpose of sending a letter to Trump Putin

As the newspaper notes, the senator played a game of golf with Trump a few days after the head of state destroyed the permission of former CIA head John Brennan to secret documents. The Hill emphasizes that it was Rand Paul who proposed to deny the ex-head of the intelligence service access to classified materials.

Rand Paul visited Russia early in August. During the visit, Paul handed over a letter from Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, emphasizing the importance of further cooperation in various fields, including counterterrorism, strengthening legislative dialogue and restoring cultural exchanges. The White House said, however, that the senator himself asked for a letter to Trump. "In the letter, the president mentioned subjects that Senator Paul would like to discuss with President Putin," stated the representative of the White House

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