Two typhoons can cause rains and flooding in Primorye – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

About the active typhoon activity in August 2018, the water area of ​​the Pacific Ocean announced predictors of Primhydromet. Now Primorye is threatened with bad weather by two typhoons and since the beginning of the year there have already been 20 tropical cyclones.

The former typhoon "RUMBIA" has turned into a tropical depression. Its energy and moisture will transfer it to the atmospheric front, which will come to Primorye on August 21-22. Weather forecasters promise rains, and here and there local showers of a dangerous category with a strong wind.

Typhoon "SOULIK" with serial number 19 will be stronger than the depression of "RUMBIA". Although experts agree that it will shift to the central part of the Korean Peninsula by the morning of 23 August. Furthermore, the predictions diverge: either it will come to the northwest of the Sea of ​​Japan and go directly over the territory of Primorsky Krai, or through the border regions of China, but it still has a greater influence on the western half of Primorye.

In any case, the inhabitants of the region must be prepared for strong and very powerful rains, a stormy wind. In view of the increased water availability of rivers, precipitation can also lead to flooding in most parts of the region.

The Primhydromet warns all tourists about the need to follow the predictions and ready to quickly leave the camps by the sea, rivers or in the taiga.

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