Unknown tried to attack the military train in Transbaikalia – Incidents

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CHITA, August 28. / TASS /. The stranger tried to attack the guard of the military echelon at Petrovsky Zavod station in the Trans-Baikal area. One of the attackers was shot, the others disappeared. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO).

"The military, who acted as a sentinel as part of the guard guarding the military echelon at the Petrovsky Zavod factory in the Trans-Baikal area, applied the weapons to a group of unknown persons who had crossed the boundary of the pole. and tried to attack the guard. " On the warning the sentry and warning came into the air, <...> One of the attackers was shot, the rest disappeared, & # 39; said the press service.

Representatives of the VVO noted that "the use of weapons by the sentry in the post corresponded to the provisions of the Charter of the Garrison and the Guard of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation."

The incident took place in the night of Monday. According to the regional media, when a military train stopped at the station, there was a conflict between the army and the local residents at the station, two soldiers were wounded and they ran to the hospital wagon, and the local decided to catch up.

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