Vladimir Putin congratulated the inhabitants of the region with the anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk – the Russian newspaper

The sense of gratitude to the heroes of the fatherland and attention to the past should be raised by society today and tomorrow. This was stated by the president.

On the day of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops by the Soviet troops in the Battle of Kursk, Vladimir Putin visited the Kurskaya Duga memorial complex and placed flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The president approached the monument together with veterans and young soldiers and spoke after the ceremony with the soldiers, congratulated them during the holidays and wished them good health.

On the avenue Vladimir Putin welcomed the locals and put flowers at the monument for Marshal Zhukov and the memorable sign "Kursk is a city of military glory." There he also waited for the Kurds – they asked for signatures and photographs. One of the meeting participants appeared unexpectedly: she wanted to embrace the president, and he agreed.

The head of state visited the monument, erected in memory of the sailors of the submarine Kursk, and laid flowers. Then he went to the memorial museum "Command post of the Central Front", inspected the exhibition of military equipment and visited the reconstruction of the dug-out of Marshal Rokossovsky.

Then Putin spoke to veterans and search engines and congratulated everyone with a milestone. The Battle of Kursk was a turning point in the Second World War, he said. This is an important event in the history and life of our state – if there were no victories, it is not known how the fate of the peoples of our country would have developed, the president emphasized. "It would most likely be sad, if not tragic, but this did not happen thanks to your heroism, the heroism of your fellow soldiers, the heroism of the Soviet people," he told the veterans.

"We know that today there are more than 30 thousand cemeteries of our hunters on the Ministry of Defense's account, but strangely, unfortunately, we know by name in all these graves half of the soldiers who died, and all the rest that we do not know, both for funerals on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, "continued Putin.

"What the search engines do is a very noble and important work, it is primarily intended to pay tribute to the soldiers who defended the homeland, but it is also aimed at educating current and future generations in the spirit of dedication and love for the homeland, which is very important for the future of our country, there is still much to do here, "says the president.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense there are more than 30 thousand cemeteries of our hunters

Search engines not only find individual remains, but also large military graves, and here you need accounting and regulations. "The government is preparing an associated federal program, I have asked my colleagues to think about it, I know that this kind of work is going on, and this preparatory work is very public and everyone can participate in the sense that he can make some suggestions about the organization, this work, "said Putin.

"Unfortunately, economic work is often carried out in the immediate vicinity or directly in the field of active hostilities, and this is certainly a problem," the president also noted. "The Ministry of Economic Development has been instructed to make a corresponding proposal, also for changes to the laws." .

During the discussion, the delineation of power levels was discussed, because many objects require attention, but it is unclear who should deal with them. The search engines also requested to provide resources for the certification of military graves, to introduce uniform standards for their improvement – that they should be worthy and equivalent, and also talk about the importance of "conciliatory" names – often there is confusion in the letters.

The president asked whether the subsidy system worked and received a positive answer. And it covers the whole country and is focused on different kinds of work in the field of perpetuating the memory of the heroes of the homeland.

"What you are doing – search units and generally the movement, this activity and its results is not necessary for those you care about." These people are long gone, they have died and died, this work is necessary for both current and future generations, "said the head of state." This is necessary for the education of our society in love and reverence for those who gave their lives for the country, for us and for you, for future generations, "he emphasized." Only a society with such an inner moral core has a chance for the future and a positive development, "says Putin. gratitude to our heroes and attention to the past should educate our society today and future generations, "he said, promising the president to formulate instructions, including the results of yesterday's meeting.

Department of Defense

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, the Ministry of Defense released a number of archive documents on the events of the summer of 1943. They are published in a special section on the website of the agency. It is known that the plan for a strategic offensive by the Red Army on the Kursk-Ardennes provided for the liberation of Kharkov. This operation, developed by G.K. Zhukov, was called "Rumyantsev." The guideline for her conduct was approved by the headquarters of the Supreme Command, under the Stalin plan signed his signature. The document can be seen on the website of the Ministry of Defense. It is curious that the directive was addressed to certain comrades Yuryev and Alexandrov. With the People's Commissariat for Defense and the General Staff, such commanders did not serve at that time. But there were marshals Georgy Zhukov and Alexander Vasilevsky, who were assigned to coordinate the actions of the fronts in the Battle of Kursk. They have also passed the Stavka directive under the legendary names Yuryev and Alexandrov – as they say in the explanatory notes to the document, to prevent information from leaking.

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