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In the autumn of this year, the US Army will receive several mobile electronic warfare complexes EWTV (Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicle), which are nonetheless inferior to similar Russian developments, writes Breaking Defense.

The complex is an international MaxxPro armored vehicle with a modified basic system CREW Duke, capable, according to the developer SRC, of ​​detecting and dampening a wide range of signals from enemy equipment, including mobile communication.

The American publication notes that EWTV is weaker than Russian mobile (19659002) Analyst Samuel Bendett of the Center for Naval Analysis (US) said that Russia currently has at least five mobile electronic warfare complexes, of which the deployment is only 15 minutes . The expert notes that in the field of mobile radio electronic warfare the United States is left with Russia, but with the arrival of EWTV they are "going in the right direction".

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  Presentation of the Tu-22M3M

In July, US Army Colonel Brian Sullivan said that the US Army is operating in Syria under the conditions of an electronic attack from Russia. In June he said that Russian electronic warfare technologies are ahead of the US and pose a particular threat to the US and NATO forces in Europe.

In Russia such Russian electronic war systems as "Leer-3", "Krasukha" and "Moscow-Russia" are 1 ", as are stations" Zoo-1 "and" Garmon. "

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