What is the Khachaturian sisters waiting for when they give a "grateful" testimony?

"Even if they plead guilty, repent, this does not mean that their act can not be qualified as being in a state of affection or in a state of necessary defense," said Business FM lawyer of the younger sister who killed his father

Angelina Khachaturian.
Angelina Khachaturian. Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / Moscow-based AGN

Sisters Khachaturian, who killed his father, gave confessions, the media reported the lawyers of the girls. This is not entirely true, said Business FM advocate of the youngest of the sisters Yaroslav Pakulin. According to him, it is important to share the attitude to the deed and the legal conditions:

Jaroslav Pakulin lawyer

Sisters Khachaturian complained that his father constantly intimidated them. Neighbors also claimed that he had impressed the whole region. Some friends and relatives of the deceased, however, spoke about Khachaturian as a very friendly and good person.

The most important thing in the cases of the Khachaturian sisters is the qualification of their actions. This depends directly on the penalty they can incur, but it is too early to predict anything, says Alexander Zabeyda, managing partner of Zabaida & Partners Law Office:

Alexander Zabeyda Managing Partner of Zabaida & Partners Law Office

The lawyer stipulated that the court could refer to exceptional circumstances when making a decision and, in the event that the accused were guilty, award them a penalty that falls below the lower limit as determined in the article on which they were tried.

The court of Moscow on August 20 left three sisters in custody. Moreover, the court found the victim in the case of the uncle of the girls – the husband of the sister of the deceased. At the same time, the investigation began by checking information about sexual abuse against sisters by the father.

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