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LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky is of the opinion that the study of foreign languages ​​in schools must be paid in order not to sponsor exhaustion of the ghosts from Russia. He said this on a Facebook page.

The politician noted that in Western countries there is an excellent system for attracting specialists from other countries. "Brilliant scientists, engineers, programmers or physicians are trained in countries with a good education system, such as Russia or India, where a ready-made specialist, in whom the state has been investing for 15 years, is tempted into an excellent salary in the USA or Europe, "Zhirinovsky said. According to him, it was about "theft of ghosts & # 39; to facilitate that the whole world was forced to study foreign languages ​​in educational institutions.

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00:03 June 18

As explained by the leader of the LDPR, the majority of the educated inhabitants, not of English speaking countries, master this language twenty years and are ready to emigrate to Western countries. In this way, America and Europe remain in a positive area as long as Russia and Asian countries suffer losses.

"How to deal with this system All languages, except for Russian, should no longer be compulsory subjects Small languages ​​of local peoples and foreign languages ​​should not only be voluntary, but also paid. a language that is generally available to learn is chosen from English Why emigrants train for their own money? "- suggested a solution to the problem of politicians.

Mid-August, Zhirinovsky announced the registration of a new transcript of the LDPR party. The name of the third party sounds like the legendary Power Party of Russia. At the moment the transcript is for the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

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