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At the poultry farm they told about the decision to sell nine eggs in a package – Economy and companies

IZHEVSK, January 11. / TASS /. Egg packaging of nine pieces, produced at the Varaksino poultry farm, went on sale in March 2018, the costs have not increased in the course of the year. This was reported on Friday by TASS in the press service of the Udmurt agro-industrial holding company Komos Group, which includes a poultry farm.

Previous photo's appeared on social networks with non-standard egg cassettes for nine pieces produced by the Varaksino poultry farm in Udmurt at a price of 64 rubles 90 kopecks. The photos caused a broad public response and many reactions, buyers began to demand that they overpainted the price of eggs each, so as not to cause confusion. According to the materials from Rosstat, the prices for chicken eggs in December between the food products in Russia rose the most. Thus, in 30 regions & # 39; s of the Russian Federation with 20% or more, including in Udmurtia – with 31%, the Republic Mari El – with 29.5%, Oryol and Kaliningrad-region & # 39; s with 28 , 3%.

"The packaging solution did not affect the production costs, the price did not rise to this position during the whole of 2018 and was at a fixed level." This packaging is a new offer for the Russian market, "said the farm.

According to the press service, Varaksino poultry farming is specialized in the production of chicken eggs, not only under its own brands, but also under the trademarks of retail chains, as well as so-called "noname" products. "All products are packaged in different packages, depending on the requirements of the brand or the retail chains. The range of poultry farming includes products packaged in 6, 8, 9, 12, 20 and 30 cartridges", according to the press service.

According to the agricultural enterprise, the nine-egg package in Europe is distributed and produced by Hartmann. It should be noted that the eggs from the Varaksino poultry farm in the Hartmann package of nine eggs have each been present since March 2018 in the Perekrestok retail chains and since September 2018 in St. Petersburg and Moscow as "7. People & # 39; s Family" . The press service noted that the poultry house will also produce 12 products in Hartmann packaging in the near future.

Varaksino Poultry Farm LLC has been part of the Komos Group farm since 2006. In 2011, Izhevsk Poultry Farm and Votkinsk Poultry Farm LLC became members. More than 50 names of eggs and eggs are produced under the trademark Varaksino. Products.

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