Editorial GQ declared the shameful cover with the "woman" of the year by Serena Williams

Editorial GQ explained the disgraceful cover with the

Washington, November 13. Popular magazine GQ has marked the cover of a photo of the former first racket of the world Serena Williams and declared her the "woman" of the year.

The 23-holder of titles in Grand Slam tournaments hit one of the four covers of the December issue of the publication and became "Man of the Year". The design of this specific cover, however, caused a public outcry.

The fact is that the word "man" (man) is placed there, and then, instead of him, it is as if the handwritten word "woman" (woman) is in quotation marks.

"Serena Williams and so often becomes an object for spot-based sex, – said network users." It's just inappropriate. "

Editorial GQ explained the disgraceful cover with the

Editorial GQ had to explain this design movement. They noted that this is the style of the author, and he has no personal connection with Williams.

"The inscription" woman ", in quotes and handwritten, is from designer Virgil Ablo, who often uses this technique in prints on clothing, the representatives of a popular publication said – He was the one who participated in the development of a suit for Serena at the US Open.

Katerina Ivanova

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